Use CET as Trading Fee

What is “use CET as trading fees”?

By holding CET and activating "Use CET as Trading Fees", you can also deduct CET as trading fees directly, which applies to all coin trading. 

Take ETH/USDT trading pair, for example, CoinEx will take the real-time ETH/USDT and CET/USDT prices at the time of the transaction as follows:

Fees (CET) = Real-time price of ETH/USDT / Real-time price of CET/USDT * Taker/Maker fees * Discount


How to use CET as trading fees on Spot Trading?

Method 1: Select [CET Deduction] when you place an order on the trading page


Method 2: Turn on [Use CET as Fees] in Preferences Settings.



Q1: How to calculate fees when trading CET?

A1: When trading CET, if you have enabled “Use CET as Trading Fees”, your fee in CET will be calculated against the promotional discount; Otherwise, your trading fee will be charged with default rate.


Q2: The CET deduction has been enabled, why the trading fees have not been deducted?

A2: (1) The CET balance is insufficient: If your CET is insufficient, the trading fee will be calculated by default. As long as there is enough CET in your balance for a transaction, your trading fee will be systematically calculated (after discount) into CET and deducted.

(2) AMM Market: The AMM markets adopt an independent fee system, and VIP does not enjoy any rate discounts, nor is using CET to deduct trading fees unavailable.

(3) Futures Market: "Use CET as Fees" is not available for Futures Contracts.