How to Get Your Coin Listed

How to Submit the Application

1. Email Application

Please email the coin/token information, project information, fundraising information, and applicant information to


2. Website Application

(1) Visit CoinEx official website ( and click [Apply for Token Listing] at the bottom of the page.


(2) Please make sure that you include all the information in the form.


Required Information

  • Below information is required for token listing:
  • Project introduction
  • Team introduction and contact information
  • Project investors
  • Official website
  • SNS link (e.g. Twitter, Slack, Telegram, etc.)
  • White paper link and PDF file
  • Fundraising information
  • Top 10 holders statistics of completed ICO (Lock-up period should be specified)
  • Legal risk assessment report
  • Other required documents



Once submitted, the application will go through a rigorous review process. Please stay patient. If the application does not pass our review, it means that we need to further investigate the project and will reconsider it when we see improvements.