Crypto Loan and Margin Trading Service Terms

1. CoinEx provides margin loan services where users can earn profits by long buying or short selling.

2. The maximum loan amount is subject to the highest leverage. Currently, the highest leverage available is 10X. 

3. CoinEx conducts risk control on margin trading and will thereby monitor users' margin accounts.

4. By accessing margin services, you agree that CoinEx has the right to reduce or liquidate your positions, should you fail to pay any due payment (renewable) or your margin account be deemed risky.

5. You shall access margin services under the laws of your jurisdiction, and guarantee that your assets are obtained by legal means and will not be used illegally.

6. Before accessing margin trading, you shall fully understand the risks involved. Please trade with caution according to your financial situation.

7. You acknowledge that all operations in margin trading are executed at your own will and shall assume any potential risk inherent in your decision unconditionally.

8. Interests and fees will be charged on margin loans and margin transactions. You shall fulfill payments upon demand.

9. By accessing margin trading, you agree that should your account be deemed risky, CoinEx is authorized to reduce or liquidate your positions and initiate auto-payment, etc. You shall be liable for any loss arising thereby unconditionally. 

10. In the event of bankruptcy (Margin Account Assets < Borrowed Assets + Interest), CoinEx will make advance payments for outstanding debts thereof. Until all debts are repaid in full, you will not be able to make withdrawals (trading service will not be affected).

11. CoinEx reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to margin loans or all margin services at any time.