Apply for CoinEx Ambassador

CoinEx Ambassadors are global promotion partners of CoinEx - The Global Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Become a CoinEx ambassador and promote CoinEx to the outside world, and you can get a stable monthly passive income, up to millions of US dollars.


CoinEx Ambassador Requirements

You can apply for CoinEx Ambassador with any one of the below requirements met:


 With independently built and operated social groups, which can provide promotional support for CoinEx.


 Owned personally operated SNS accounts, including but not limited to YouTube, Twitter, etc.


 With experience and resources related to various events, such as AMA, meet-ups, and fans clubs.


 With experience and resources related to content writing or creation, such as media advertorial, sns advertorial, creative writing, etc.

Note: CoinEx Ambassadors are ecological partners of CoinEx and solely engaged in promo events in their own name, and are not entitled to undertake or promise any express or implied obligation in writing or otherwise in the name of CoinEx or on behalf of CoinEx.


How to Apply for CoinEx Ambassador

Step 1: Submit your application

Fill out the form to submit your application.


Step 2: Wait for the review

The CoinEx team will review your application. Your application will be approved once you meet the application criteria.


Step 3: Create your referral link

Go to CoinEx referral page and create your own "referral code" or "referral link".


Step 4: Join the Ambassador Community

Join CoinEx Ambassador Community for more upcoming activities.


Tips on CoinEx Ambassador Application

1. Fill in clear and accurate information to help the CoinEx team know you better, which might improve your approval chance.

2. Describe your referral plans in detail, so that the CoinEx team can understand your background and speed up the review process.