Why Is My Withdrawable Amount Less Than My Actual Balance

Under these 2 conditions, will your withdrawable amount be less than your actual balance :

1. Unexecuted order(s) in the market

Please check if you have any unexecuted orders for the coins you intend to withdraw. If so, you can cancel the orders to recover your withdrawable amount.

E.g. Assuming that the balance in your wallet is 5 BCH, and you have an unexecuted sell order of 1 BCH in BCH/USDT market. In this case, there will be 1 BCH frozen, unavailable for withdrawal, and your withdrawable amount will be 4 BCH, which is less than the actual balance. 


2. Insufficient confirmation(s) for your deposit

Please check if there are any deposits, pending for more confirmations to reach the requirement on CoinEx, for these deposits need enough required confirmations so that the withdrawable amount can match its actual balance.

E.g. Assuming that you have deposited 1,000 CET-ERC20 on May 1, 2022. This deposit will be credited to the account after 10 confirmations,  (which means the assets can be traded in the account), and available for withdrawal after 20 confirmations. When the number of confirmations reaches 12, you traded 1,000 CET into USDT and wanted to withdraw these USDT. However, you'll need to wait until the previous deposit of CET reaches 20 confirmations before withdrawing USDT from CoinEx.

For confirmation requirements, please refer to the deposit page.