Futures Trading Risk Reminder

Dear CoinEx users, CoinEx futures is a leveraged crypto derivative with high risks. Hence, the user must fully understand the risks involved in futures trading and the trading rules on CoinEx. By using CoinEx Futures trading, you acknowledge that you are aware of and accept all associated risks including but not limited to below.

1. Risk of Price Fluctuation

Cryptocurrency derivatives are special investment products. Affected by various factors, crypto price is subject to wild fluctuations.

Therefore, you are presented with difficulties in comprehensively grasping the market, which may lead to investment mistakes. Should huge losses occur due to poor risk management, the user is solely responsible.


2. Risk of Forced Liquidation

The user must understand that cryptocurrency derivatives are highly leveraged with the potential of huge profit and loss over a short period. If the market moves against the users' choice, it may incur significant losses. Depending on the situation, the user should add margins or reduce the position.

Otherwise, forced liquidation may occur and the user is solely responsible for the consequences.


3. Risk of Irrevocable Orders

Orders cannot be revoked once executed. The user must accept the risks involved. In addition, CoinEx will not guarantee profits, or share any gains and risks with the user.


4. Risk of Regulatory Landscape

In certain jurisdictions, trading cryptocurrency derivatives exposes the user to regulatory risk. Hence, the user should understand the local regulations before making investment decisions.


5. Force Majeure

The user is liable for losses caused by failures to fill or execute the order due to any factors beyond our control, including but not limited to force majeure events such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and system failures.


6. Other Potential Risks

Trading with high leverage may pose high risks to the market and the users themselves. To maintain market stability, CoinEx will monitor high-leverage positions and take necessary measures, including but not limited to risk reminder, forced underweight, and forced liquidation, supported by written explanations.