How to Apply For a Market Maker

CoinEx provides various market maker privileges for professional trading institutions/teams. If your team has excellent trading strategies and can reach a monthly trading volume of 1,000,000 USD (Spot) or 5,000,000 USD (Futures) on CoinEx, or you have transaction volume certificates from other exchanges, you can apply to become a market maker by following below instructions.


Method 1

1. Visit CoinEx official website ( and log in to your account, then click [Market Makers] at the bottom of the page.

做市商 英1.png


2. Click [Apply for Spot Market Maker] or [Apply for Futures Market Maker] to view the contact information.

做市商 英2.png

做市商 英3.png


Method 2

Please send the Market Maker application email to or We will contact you directly once ready.

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