What’s Futures Mark Price

What is Mark Price?

The Mark Price is used to determine whether the user has triggered forced liquidation. It is based on the Index Price and the decreasing funding fee basis over time.

CoinEx employs a unique system called Fair Price Marking, where instead of the Last Price, the Mark Price is set as the Fair Price to avoid unnecessary liquidations. Without this system, the Mark Price may deviate from the Index Price difference, when the market is being manipulated, or illiquid, leading to unnecessary liquidations.

* Update Frequency: Every 5 seconds.


What is Mark Price used for?

1. To determine whether the position has triggered forced liquidation: It helps prevent unnecessarily forced liquidations in high-leverage futures tradings and reduces the loss caused by the price manipulation in futures trading and the lack of liquidity.

2. To calculate the floating profit or loss (PNL) of the position.

Note: Mark Price only affects the Liquidation Price and Unrealized PNL, and does not affect Realized PNL.