How to Deposit Cryptos to CoinEx Account

1. Visit CoinEx Official Website  ( and log in to your account successfully, choose [Deposit] in the drop-down menu of [Assets] in the upper right corner.


2. Take USDT-TRC20 as an example:

(1) Select Coin [USDT]

(2) Select Public Chain [TRC20]

(3) Use [Copy address] or [QR code] to get your CoinEx address and fill it in the [Withdrawal Address] on your withdrawal platform.

Tip: There are requirements for Minimum Deposit and No. of Confirmation when depositing to CoinEx, Please read the [Attention] on the right side carefully before depositing to your CoinEx account.



When making a deposit of label coins/tokens (such as EOS, XLM, LUNA, etc.), Memo/Tag and address are BOTH REQUIRED. Deposit WITHOUT Memo/Tag will lead to permanent asset loss.


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