How to Buy Cryptos via Paxful

What should I do before using Paxful in CoinEx?

1. Register your CoinEx account and bind 2FA

You need to register a CoinEx account and add 2FA authentication for your CoinEx account before using Paxful. Please check out the step-by-step guide here:

How to Register and Log in to Your CoinEx Account

How to Bind Mobile Number

How to Bind Google Authenticator

2. Prepare valid ID documents

You need to complete ID verification when using Paxful. Please prepare your ID card or passport in advance.


Paxful Support

If you've encountered any issues on Paxful, please refer to the Paxful Help Center or contact Paxful support for further assistance. 


How to Purchase Cryptos via Paxful?

1. Log in to CoinEx official website ( and click [Fiat] at the top navigation bar.



2. Choose BTC and the fiat currency to spend, then select Paxful and click [Buy].

Note: Currently, ONLY BTC is supported.



3. Enter the amount you want to buy, click [Confirm Purchase].



4. Read the reminder carefully and click [Got it and visit now]. 



5. Select the payment method you prefer. (Take Visa Debit/Credit Card as an example)



6. After confirming the price information and payment method, click [Get verified].



7. Fill in your phone number, click [Request code], and enter the confirmation code correctly, then click [Get verified]; Or click [call me] directly to complete verification.



8. After completing ID verification, enter the bank card information to complete the payment. Please refer to the Paxful Help Center for more details.

(1) Video Guide for Paxful ID verification

(2) Click HERE to check the list of banned countries/regions.

9. After completing the order, you can return to CoinEx and check the order record in [Fiat Orders], or check the BTC deposit record in [Deposit Records].


If you have any trouble during the process, please refer to Paxful Help Center.