FAQ About Spot Trading Volume Ranking

What is Spot Trading Volume Ranking?

Spot Trading Volume Ranking is one of the exclusive ranking competitions launched by CoinEx Tradeboard. Once you apply, you can trade Spot/Margin in the designated markets. Traders who meet the criteria can participate in the trading volume ranking and receive the corresponding rewards based on the final trading volume ranking of the promotion.


How to Participate?

1. Visit CoinEx official website (https://www.coinex.com), log in to your account, and select [Tradeboard] under [Promotion] in the top-left corner.



2. Select the ongoing promotion on the Trade List to enter the promotion page, and click [Apply Now].

Note: If you are unable to apply, please check if your account meets the conditions for participation in the current promotion.



3. Click [Confirm] when you see the pop-up window that says "Joined in successfully".



4. After you successfully sign up for the competition, you can trade in the selected markets and join the ranking when your trading volume meets the requirements.



Q1: Why can't I apply for the competition?

A1: The specific requirements may vary in each ranking, such as "complete KYC verification", "VIP 1 and above", or "with no trading record in Spot market". Only the traders who meet the requirements can successfully apply for participation. Please refer to the promotion page for specific requirements.


Q2: After applying, can I get rewards for trading in any market?

A2: Only when you trade in the selected market(s) can you get the rewards. Since the specific requirements may vary in each ranking, please refer to the promotion page for details.


Q3: Is there any trading volume requirement for the competition?

A3: Yes. The minimum trading volume requirement for each competition may be different, please check the promotion page for details.


Q4: Why can't I see my ranking on the promotion page?

A4: This situation may occur under the following circumstances:

(1) You didn't log in to your account. Please log in to your account first, and check your ranking again.

(2) You didn't apply for participation. Only users who apply can join the ranking.

(3) You didn't trade in the selected market(s).

(4) You didn't meet the minimum trading volume requirement for the ranking.

(5) Trading volume generated before you apply will not be counted. Only transactions made after you apply and within the specified period will be included in the ranking.


Q5: How often is the ranking updated?

A5: The data is updated hourly.


Q6: How many rewards can I receive?

A6: After the competition ends, you can view your final ranking and estimated rewards on the promotion page. The final reward is subject to the actual distribution.


Q7: How is the trading volume calculated?

A7: Cumulative trading volume = Buying volume + Selling volume in all selected markets during the promotion.



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