Introduction to Transaction Statistics

Transaction Statistics can analyze your transaction data and show your Buying (Selling) position in the market trend, which is convenient for you to better locate and adjust your investment strategy accordingly.


Features of Transaction Statistics

1. Analyzing your transaction data and allowing you to view the Spot/Margin account data in one click.

2. Sharing supported. By clicking the "Share" bottom, you can generate your exclusive poster to share with friends.



1. Avg. price = Total Buying (Selling) trading value / Total Buying (Selling) amount

2. Total supply: Total Buying (Selling) amount in statistical time

3. Total Trading Value: Total (Buying/Selling) trading value in statistical time



1. All data is based on UTC+0 time zone, and there may be a delay in calculation of transaction data in the past 1 hour.

2. Tx Statistics include the transaction data in Spot and Margin markets, and only support querying the data within 1 year.

3. During querying, you might need to readjust the query conditions when the data exceeds the limit. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.